The Medical Doctor

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Of course, we must acknowledge that medical doctors are specifically trained to look for pathology, and manage the symptoms of any potential medical concern allopathically, with both pharmaceutical drugs and with surgery. Since medical doctors are only trained to look for and manage pathology, often pathology can be ‘found’ when in reality it may not exist. Why does this happen?

It happens because that is how medical doctors are trained, and this is why they are in practice. After diagnosing pathology, they are trained for the ‘management of disease’, rather than the prevention or cure of health concerns. Unfortunately, that is limit to what mainstream medical doctors have to offer, since that is all they know. However, to apply a medical modality to healthy low risk pregnant women is most certainly inappropriate. And this is a prime example of the conventional overuse and abuse of technology, surgery, and pharmacology that we frequently see in hospitals today.

This may seem surprising to some, since from early childhood most of us have been taught by medical industry propaganda, that medical doctors are health experts, and as such should be elevated to the top of the ‘pyramid’ of healthcare. However, in reality, medical doctors are not ‘health’ experts at all. They are ‘experts’ in disease, illness, and death. Nevertheless, this false perception from medical doctors and patients themselves, has no doubt caused some medical doctors to have an artificially elevated view of themselves. For example, some modern medical doctors literally want their patients to be quiet and simply obey their instructions. If a patient asks a question, these types of medical doctors are impatient and annoyed. If asked for a second opinion, they are personally offended. These types of mainstream medical doctors should be avoided at all costs by low risk pregnant women.

When we refer here to ‘low risk pregnant women’, we are including the 98% of pregnant women who are subjected to the medical myths propagated by most mainstream medical doctors, who view and treat all pregnancies as high risk. For example, mainstream medical doctors commonly use fear and technical medical jargon to manipulate pregnant women to view themselves as high risk without any true medical indication. Since the medical doctor typically does not trust a woman’s body to work properly, he promotes his own fear and need for control over the childbirth process to his patients, who as a consequence also tend to not trust their own bodies to function properly during normal pregnancy and childbirth, and therefore unwittingly subject themselves to unnecessary and potentially harmful intervention.

To illustrate, one common overused diagnosis for laboring women is ‘failure to progress’. This is used whenever the labor does not progress according to the medical doctor’s textbook model, or according to the hospitals profit driven timeframe. This diagnosis infers that the woman’s body ‘failed’ to function properly, when in reality this may not be the case. This is not to say that ‘failure to progress’ could never actually happen. But within modern obstetrics, if a laboring woman refuses to allow her labor be artificially and medically induced after a certain number of hours in the hospital, most medical doctors are just not willing to wait around for labor to progress naturally, and commonly rely on various conspicuous and ambiguous diagnosis’s to justify their unnecessary intervention. When medical doctors use an implied medical diagnosis or warning without true medical indication, who will challenge their decision? The woman in labor? Her family? The courts that rely on other obstetricians for ‘expert’ testimony? The truth is that any caring parent would want to make the best possible decision to protect their unborn child from potential harm. And parents likewise expect to be able to trust the judgment of their chosen maternity care provider to genuinely put the interests of the mother and baby ahead of his own. But when a medical doctor uses medical fear in this way, and for this purpose – and knows better, it is most certainly manipulative and abusive. Then again, perhaps it’s really true that mainstream medical doctors simply do not know any better.

Interestingly, the guidelines from ACOG (the regulatory governing body for obstetricians) allow obstetricians to use any medical intervention, including elective c-sections, based on the individual obstetricians belief that such an intervention will promote the overall health and welfare of the patient and her baby. This means that obstetricians have been given a pass by ACOG to perform such interventions solely based on their ‘belief’, even if such belief is not within the other guidelines set forth by ACOG. But what are these ‘beliefs’ based on? As we mentioned before, modern obstetrics as taught in medical school does not include any training for natural childbirth. Therefore, these beliefs are often rooted in a combination of lack of experience in the normal physiology of childbirth, and/or from having experienced, observed, or heard of a tragic birth with irreversible injury or death to mother or child. Therefore, if a surgeon holds onto the belief that his or her medical intervention, including a scalpel, can prevent the mother, baby, family, nurses, and HIMSELF or HERSELF from experiencing the pain of a birth that doesn’t go well, then that belief, at least from their own perspective, allows them the premise to ‘ethically’ justify using their entire skill set to ‘spare’ women from the perceived dangers of childbirth. The point here is that when you hire an obstetrician for maternity care, you are also hiring his or her medical training, experience, personal philosophy, and beliefs.

In any event, for the most part it is the patient that praises the medical doctor for making life and death decisions each day, and often appropriately so. But when it comes to normal maternity care, it’s a whole different ball game, so to speak. Although medical doctors are very good at putting our bodies back together from injuries, when it comes to the natural physiological process of healthy childbirth, this elevated perception of the role of a medical doctor is certainly not appropriate, let alone safe. As we mentioned before, unlike the modern fallacy of a medical doctor being an expert in health, modern mainstream medical doctors are actually only ‘experts’ at illness, disease, and death – not in health. Therefore, when it comes to maternity care, medical doctors are only trained to attend medicalized births in a hospital setting for ‘high risk’ patients, resolving symptoms by prescribing Rx drugs and/or surgery, and managing the birth with machines, devices, and technology.

Of course, most of us appreciate the relative value of the obstetrical management of labor and birth when it is applied appropriately, which is only to the rare cases of true high risk complications. However, when this approach is applied to healthy normal laboring women, it is an inappropriate and feeble attempt to ‘predict’ the unpredictable and ‘control’ the uncontrollable. As a result, the far majority of medical doctors have actually never even seen a true natural childbirth.

So then, with 98% of pregnant women, the ones that are healthy and low risk, medical doctors are literally unqualified to attend these women, even dangerously so. Notice here that we chose to use the word “unqualified” instead of “overqualified.” Overqualified implies that, although the provider has more training than necessary he is still qualified to adequately provide the service. However in this case, not only does the specialty of modern obstetrics NOT include training for natural childbirth, it is also a specialty that is completely unnecessary and inherently harmful when applied to healthy pregnant women.

To illustrate this, when we take a close look at the schooling required for modern medical doctors (and the medical nurse-midwives and nurses who assist them), we see only training for hospital based medicalized childbirth that results in practitioners who are completely untrained and unprepared to provide natural childbirth. This also explains why natural childbirth is never supported in mainstream hospital settings, even if it were planned.

Now we are not referring here to the so called ‘natural birth’ scenario where a laboring woman arrives at a hospital with precipitous active labor, and there is literally no time to administer any form of drugs or medical intervention prior to her giving birth. Or to the extremely rare case where a medical doctor has actually voluntarily (or under coercion) adopted (long after medical school of course) a more natural approach to childbirth, and surprisingly has so much clout with the hospital administrators, that the patient is actually allowed (secretly or not) to have some of the natural alternative options that were requested on their birth plan from the very beginning (believe it or not, this anomaly has presumably happened in some rare cases according to some women – but please, don’t quote us on this). We are only here referring to a planned natural birth, where the birth plan is completely natural and actually honored. The truth is, that in 99.9% of hospital births, the hospital will absolutely not support a truly natural childbirth. Even when a medical doctor agrees to and signs your birth plan, once you arrive at the hospital in active labor, in the far majority of cases, all agreements (written or verbal) are ‘thrown out the window’, so to speak.

At times, it is not the fault of the sincere medical doctor, who is only doing what he was trained to do, believing it is best. The problem is that some consumers also have also adopted this view, promoted primarily from medical propaganda. So when new parents plan a hospital birth, they are in effect asking for a medical doctor (or a medical midwife) to practice high risk modern obstetrics on them for their maternity care, no matter what their risk status is. This type of request from parents typically is not the fault of the parents either, since they have been taught to believe the fallacy that a medicalized birth in a hospital is safe and appropriate for all women. So who is really responsible for this misinformation?